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COVID19—Calm and Chaos-

This book was originally audiotaped while South Africa was on a “hard” national lockdown and I was sequestered in my home in Cape Town South Africa from March-May 2020; sessions occur naturally and organically depending on day, activities or lack thereof.  It was based on several factors and perspectives-- being at home alone (without family), working remotely (from home), and just having sold my house right before the national lockdown (had packed up the house to relocate but unable to move out due to COVID lockdown rules). I had time to reflect both personally and professionally.


Professionally I recognized the similarities to global governments and public health institutions to mobilize readily to protect the “PUBLIC’s HEALTH”. As an epidemiologist having working during HIV/AIDS in the 1980’s and 1990’s, there was the recognition of so many parallels of denial, stigmatism and ineffective leadership, “knee jerk response", and exposure of inadequate public health and health care for the social and economically disenfranchised populations!

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