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Surfpop Foundation

Surfpop Foundation was founded by Daniel Botha in 2015.  As a surf enthusiast, he had a strong desire to share his passion for surfing and the ocean with at-risk children and youth from disadvantaged communities. This manifested in the comprehensive after-school programme that Surfpop offers its beneficiaries today, consisting of a powerful formula of surfing, education and life coaching.  At present all the beneficiaries come from Masiphumelele Township close to Fish Hoek, Cape Town, Ocean View and Khayelitsha Township.


The Surfpop Girl Program was launched in 2020 to empower girls and address their specific challenges through the Surfpop program. Surfpop now has an equal number of girls as boys in the program! To further promote gender equality, Surfpop educates its boys on recognising the abilities of girls and women and treating them equally and with respect.


The Surfpop Girl Program empowers girls  and prepares them for sustainable employment, lifting them out of poverty and positively impacting their families and social networks.  It also promotes their role as ambassadors in their communities for living a healthy life, caring for and in touch with nature.

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