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NOTES from the WORLD 

Welcome to news, events and the WILDIVA blogs!


Blogging began in 2018, when my dear childhood friend strongly recommended that since I traveled extensively, I should blog about my travels to encourage people, especially women, to travel. I was initially not keen on the idea since I had never blogged nor considered myself a blogger, but she wore me down and even set up a blog site for me (called Sojourner Travels). I only blogged during my travels (internationally and nationally) whenever the creative writing energy motivated me. The initial blogs covered experiences in several countries (UAE, Brazil, Norway, Sweden and Denmark), then expanded from there. These blogs were well received and then were converted into a book entitled  WILDIVALIFE Boudoir of Wonder and Amazement: Words of wisdom from an elder of excellence (as coined by Louise Hays), sonderer in life, and traveler.


I do not consider myself a blogger and I definitely do not use it to promote products, or businesses but
journeys, life experiences and wisdom. Coming soon!

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